DJ New Tribal


Soundman at Scarlet & Grey Café in Columbus Ohio Mondays & Wednesdays during happy hour. Soundman for Yawning Rabbit Productions. I produce beats, design flyers, and direct film.


Best of the Underground 16, August 19th at Wild Goose Creative

Link: AudioRealism Bass Line 2

TR-303 software emulator / VST

Link: x0xb0x TB-303 Analog Synth Willzyx Panel Professionally Built on eBay!


The updated poster for tomorrow’s show.

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cd recording for Derrick Muhammad


last night recorded my first comedian’s cd. was a lot of fun, definitely into doing it again.

- DJ New Tribal

scarlet and grey cafe derrick muhammad happy hour open mic


This Friday the Roanoke Occurrence goes down at Donatos Basement. 6/21

Quicktime files

Messing with my T4i and noticed the files output as .mov files, which are apparently the Quicktime format. Which doesn’t seem to currently gell with my Windows Movie Maker. Big surprise. Working on workarounds. 

Canon T4i .mov quicktime windows movie maker

Mic Shopping list.

Large Diaphragm Dynamic microphone.- kick
Small Diaphragm Dynamic microphone - snare
Large Diaphragm Condenser microphone - overhead

dynamic condenser microphone kick snare overhead